Can You Move It Like This?

A close friend of mine just sold her house wayyyyy faster than she could’ve ever expected. The house sold in less than a week, and, of course, the buyers wanted to be in ASAP.
Moving is a seriously daunting experience even in the best of circumstances. Believe me, I know it well, having experienced it several times, and more so, just recently, for which I am still recovering. Throw in some major repairs needing to be done in the basement, prior to closing, and the necessity of removing in excess of 25 years of stuff to do said work, and you pretty much have a disaster…or do you?
It’s a ridiculous task to take on, more so, single handedly, and the thought of it just wore her down. But, it was a favor in disguise, much like life throws our way, to get the ball rolling and the stuff moving.
…enter…the village…
The boss who connects her with the repair company and the dumpster, the moving boxes from the last friend who moved, the friend with the big SUV, the friend that drives in from out of town to help schlep, and the other friend who knows how to organize it all. Oddly, every one of them has a derivative of the same name, with a variation on the spelling. Coincidence?!
Now, I’ve blogged before about the power of women, the caring for others, how when there’s a woman, there’s a way, but I was intrigued by this team of women, thrown together on behalf of a mutual friend, in a group text, having come into her life in completely different ways and at very different times. And how is it that our names are so similar? Do people collect those with duplicate names that will eventually come together with a purpose to fulfill a role in that person’s life when they need it most? I’ve had a similar experience with a completely different name. Is it like a sign of what path you ought to choose in your journey? People certainly come into our lives for different reasons, at different times, and fulfill different roles, but put them together, and it’s mind blowing. None of us stepped on anyone else’s toes, (not that I am aware of anyway) nor conflicted in style, and the humorous jokes and positivity was just a part of the package deal, as was our low maintenance lunch break. No one had to motivate us, and no time was wasted for the tasks at hand. We worked together like we had done it before, and independently when necessary taking our lead from our host or each other. A couple of days later, we are still joking by text, interacting about things joked about while together….the life supply of gallon sized ziploc bags and boxes upon boxes of instant hot chocolate, needing its own shelf in the, now organized, pantry.
We left our friend tired, yet fulfilled, and in tears of gratitude, not once, but at least three times that I can recall. She expected to be left with a huge transfer of boxes and belongings, but, instead, she was left with a home that could function from the get go, and even handle having a legitimate meal made in her kitchen with the tools needed to make it happen. There’s something truly heart warming and fulfilling seeing a friend, who is so gracious that she has friends out there to share the load, when the load is too heavy to bare alone.
It made me realize that I, myself, should just be on the lookout for new friends to add to my life who have this skill. So, if you’re looking for me, because I fit your name category, you can find me! I’m out somewhere, drinking hot chocolate and looking to add to my Barbara collection.




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