The birth of a blogger

About a year ago, my daughter, who happens to be a fabulous writer and blogger, asked if I would step in as a guest blogger.  Her college roommate had been a guest blogger, and she was truly epic.  Having never done anything like this before, I initially hesitated, I mean, how could I compete with people who are naturals at this sort of thing  but then I thought, how bad could I be, and this could  really be fun!

The blog coincided with her return home for Thanksgiving, and quickly evolved into our traditions of her returning home and the requirements to “squeeze it all in” while she was home for a mere 72 hours. There are always specific things that you want to do with/or for your kids before they leave you again, but I didn’t realize until then how funny we are together and how silly  some of those things really are!

Now, almost exactly a year later, I’ve been thinking about that blog post and how much I am looking forward to not only their return home for Thanksgiving, but the traditions that it brings. I decided, as well, that blogging should also be one of those traditions, and not just for her, better known as “leaves of logan” or for her college roommate, “sticks of sara”, but for me as well.

I give you “cloves of Carolyn”.



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